The work place is evolving; the demand for adaptable, flexible spaces is greater than ever before with more emphasis on
creativity, collaboration and well being. Open plan offices, for all their benefits, are now required to do more and to work
harder. The need for furniture solutions to offer differing work zones, breakout spaces, social spaces and biophilic elements has never been so important. Coupled with less demand for physical storage space, there is great potential for a furniture system that offers all of these elements.

It is with this in mind, that we developed twentytwenty. Named after the section of tube used to construct its framework,
twentytwenty has been designed to offer an aesthetically bold, effective storage and partition system with unparalleled levels of flexibility and configurability. From a small range of standard components and accessories, a huge range of configurations can be designed to suit any brief and budget. The only limit being the designers imagination.

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