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twentytwenty is a modular grid based shelving/storage system that facilitates the mass personalisation of interior spaces.

The work place is evolving; the demand for adaptable, flexible spaces is greater than ever with more emphasis on creativity, collaboration and well being. Open plan offices, for all their benefits, are now required to do more and work harder. The need for furniture solutions to offer differing work zones, breakout spaces, social spaces and biophilic elements has never been so important. Coupled with less demand for physical storage space, there is great potential for a furniture system that offers all of these elements.

Utilising a small number of standard components twentytwenty can be configured in an infinite number of ways giving architects, designers and specifiers the flexibility to define and organise the workplace in a highly bespoke and individualised manner, and users the opportunity to personalise their space.

Should you wish to develop something unique and bespoke to you, please contact us. 

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